Tuesday, July 17, 2007

toe update

well, i have not mentioned the big toe (at least, i don't think i have) in a few posts and i went back to the doctor today, so i thought i'd give you all an update.

first of all, i realized how queasy i really get when it comes to incisions, stitches, blood, and medical stuff. ewww. my toe is not pretty right now and the incision kind of freaked me out. my mom was pretty sure i was going to hit the floor (well, i wouldn't have fallen on the floor because i was on a bed thingy in the exam room but either way). i will spend 4 more weeks not driving and walking on my heel in a big, black boot.

the good news is that my x-rays looked good and it appears to be healing nicely. i am very thankful for that!

i'm starting the count down until i can wear flip flops again ;) 28 more days!

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