Saturday, August 18, 2007

slip 'n' slides, s'mores, and high school musical 2

this weekend has been a great weekend (cause, let's face work week starts bright and early tomorrow morning at 5 am) and today was a fun-filled, action-packed day.

today was a super busy day but it was also lots of fun. my cousin, megan, turned 11 and had a big slip 'n' slide party. now, slip 'n' slides are super fun alone BUT imagine a slip 'n' slide covered in a foam like substance (but the consistency of bubble bath soap). i know, words just can't even describe it. the kids and adults alike had a lot of fun. the floam (that's what i decided to call it since no one else could really figure out what it was) made the slip 'n' slide extra slippery and it's just fun sometimes to be really messy. unfortunately, i did not have my camera to memorialize the craziness (imagine that...two events in a row and no camera. i am such a slacker) but trust me when i tell you that it was crazy fun.

i am also blogging right now in the middle of our high school musical 2 girls' night party. yes, that's right...we are having a high school musical 2 premier party the night after it premiered. we had planned for weeks (we= my niece, my sister, and me) to have a girls' night on friday, august 17, but that was before i noticed that i had made a serious calendering mistake. (alison krauss on friday night.) we regrouped and realized that the disney channel was airing it on saturday night,, here we are on saturday night having the girliest of nights. we've had junk food (pizza bites, queso and chips, and s'mores) and have been singing our hearts out with troy, gabriella, sharpay, and ryan. good times. :) we just might break out the nail polish to paint our nails ;)well, i've given my blog way too much attention...back to the party for me. i hear a duet with troy calling my name :).

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