Monday, August 20, 2007

oh the places you'll go...

well, maybe "oh the places you'll go" isn't really an appropriate title for this blog because this map illustrates all the states i've visited...not necessarily the places i plan to go. but i thought it was a cute name (you know, the dr. suess book and all). i think, though, there is good reason to assume that i should start heading west in my travels seeing as how my map of the united states looks a bit lopsided! now i'm sitting here with the song "go west, young man" stuck in my head (you know, that old michael w. smith song...where he had the crazy hair and wore completely ugly and unfortunate clothes). okay, so, ya'll have to check out this youtube video...admit're dancing around your room RIGHT NOW and rocking out with all the fabulous 90's outfits and hairstyles.

anyway, i've digressed but it's been that kind of day. you know the kind of day i'm talking about, right? the day where you had SO MUCH to do but really didn't accomplish a single thing. i have to admit, though, that finding the youtube video of michael w. smith and all of his 90's groupies made me happy. good times, good times.

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