Thursday, January 31, 2008

i love...

i love it when i am overwhelmed in worship by the holiness and hugeness (is this a word?) of God. there are moments that getting face down on the floor cannot possibly get me low enough...He is so good and so amazingly worthy.

i love it when His Word and Truth is confirmed in my life not just in one or two or three or even four ways...thank goodness He is patient with this hard head of mine! (and thank goodness walking with Him is a process...a process where He is so gracious and merciful to move me on toward the next step...even when my stubborn feet don't want to move!)

i love hearing from my friends and family what God is teaching them and how they're growing.

i love getting hugs in general but from someone in particular. seriously, the best hugs. ever. and, i don't believe i'm partial or anything ;).

i love when a kid at church randomly screams, "hey miss amy" at the top of their lungs. it makes my heart and my face smile.

i love that my friends' kids love playing in the "play corner" of my office. i could seriously just let them all play there every day and not ever get any work accomplished...i'm a sucker for a good game of flip flop faces.

i love spending time with my nephews and niece. i love that when i haven't seen them in a couple weeks, they hang close beside me and want me to play with games, baseball, polly pockets, etc.

i love that my 13 yr old nephew still wants to spend time with me and he still thinks i'm kinda cool.

i love my sister...she truly is my best friend and i adore her. i don't just love her because she's my sister...i love her because she's an awesome, godly woman. she rocks ;).

i love the 100 calorie snack packs.

i love sharpies...any size, any color. come visit my office if you don't believe me.

i love stationery...i could spend so much time and money in a stationery store. oh good grief, i do spend tons of time (not quite as much money) in the notecard section of target.

i love listening to songs on repeat. seriously...i pick one song and it could stay on repeat for days. usually, it's a worship song that, at that moment in my life, is rocking my world.

i love ice in my drinks...lots of ice. i will sacrifice more drink to have more ice in my cup.

i love baseball caps.

i love curls.

i love going for drives with joel with no specific destination in mind.

i love the mountains.

i love going to the beach every year with my family. they're the best.

i love laughing with my friend cari...i love it when she does her carla tate voice AND when she leaves me voicemail messages as shaneequa. cracks me up.

i love that caroline guinn still asks me if my toe is okay. she is one little girl that i simply adore.

i love catching up with friends over coffee.

i love getting email. seriously. i love it. hey, in fact, if you're reading this email will make me smile to see that i have something in my inbox.

i love singing. i really love singing when i'm in my car and i'm all alone. i turn the music up and sing at the top of my lungs.

i love the "bravo" stickers you get during celebration time at weight watchers. isn't it sad that little sticker is my motivation during the week? what can i's the little things.

you know, this is a long post and i could seriously keep going. i know that it's crazy to say that i love baseball caps in the same post where i say that i love God but it's true. it's just completely different kinds of love.

so, what do you love? take time and think about it and then write it down. i can promise you, if you're having a day that is not so bueno, it will make you happy and put things in perspective. i promise. listing things you love can't help but make you smile. :)

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Valarie said...

I love you Amy!! Seriously, I mean you are the one person at our church who ALWAYS in EVERY circumstance goes above and beyond the call of duty!! Thank you for serving our Father and our church!! YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND! And I'm not saying that just because of today! I really mean it!!

Jennifer Raack said...

Okay, well since I'm not actually your "friend" I didn't have your email address to send you an email and make you happy. I'm one of those people who shamelessly reads your blog, even though you have no clue who I am (I got here by way of Cari's blog). Anyway, I loved your "i love" blog and I love that you love it when a child yells your name when they see you because I love that very same thing! It makes your ministry so worth while when the children love you and especially when you realize they have grown to love the Lord! Ain't children's ministry great?!!!

Cari said...

you've been tagged! check out my blog for details!