Wednesday, January 30, 2008

just call me mara...

well, not really. don't call me mara because i'm not really bitter. :) i had lunch with my most fabulous and favorite friend, melissa, today and it was just what i needed. do you ever have one of those weeks where you're just tired of dealing with issues and specifically, you're tired of dealing with certain issues over and over again (because, apparently, even when we become adults we don't think that no really means no. we think we can ask another person to get a different answer or over step a clear boundary attempting to convince someone to "pull strings" for us. but, remember i'm not bitter ;). sorry about that little rant there.

anyway, back to the real purpose of my post today...i had lunch with my dear, sweet friend and it was so good to sit down with someone and unload some frustrations. the best thing about that is that she knows my heart and she knows ME. we joked about being bitter but we're not really bitter. it struck me, though, that it is necessary to have a friend who will listen to you vent but who knows you and knows that you're just releasing some steam so that you can go back and not let those petty or stupid issues take root and cause problems.

i was inspired by one of melissa's recent posts where she made a list of the things she loves; i'm planning on doing that in a later post but i seriously just wanted to take a second and give a shout out to an amazing friend. thanks, my friend, for being encouraging, laughing with me and speaking the Truth in love when i need to hear it. thanks, too, for being real and transparent with your life.

so, you can call me amy because i'm not bitter...i'm not mara. i am blessed!

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Melissa said...

well, it takes a good friend to know one so the time you spent with me... I also spent with you! Thank YOU for being real and transparent and thank YOU for being equally awesome... if not more. Now, Mara... just make your list of things you love and the "maraness" will go away! God works that way, ya know?
I love you!!