Thursday, March 20, 2008

"...but the fruit of the Spirit is...patience..."

i have to confess that i've never thought of myself as being an impatient person; i mean, i've never claimed to have the patience of job or anything but i've never thought that patience was really one of my "problem areas" in my life. sure, i've had moments in life when it's been difficult to wait on something and i know that i've never really enjoyed having to wait but it's never been a struggle for me...until now.

i've thought a lot about patience this morning and specifically, my lack of patience. i had one of those moments where i finally realized that the Lord might be trying to teach me something and i'm just now cluing in on the lesson. i'm a quick one, i tell you :). i heard Him speak to my heart this morning as i was praying. in the middle of my whining (you know, "Lord, why does it have to be so complicated, why am i having to wait on an answer, why aren't they just doing things MY WAY?") i heard Him speak to my heart and encourage me to learn from the time i'm going to spend waiting. instead of freaking out that i'm not "in control" of a situation perhaps i should learn to fully trust and rest in the One who is in control.

in a couple weeks, i have the privilege of teaching a lesson on the fruit of the Spirit to women at my friend, cari's church. this morning i also heard Him say that perhaps patience was a fruit that needed some cultivating in my own life. because, remember, i thought that i had that down. struggle with patience? not me. uh huh...i have so much to learn.

(and by the way, i can completely testify to the fact that when you wait on His timing and His plan, instead of forcing your works out so much better.)

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Nicki said...

Girl!! That is awesome!!! I have learned this lesson the very, very hard way. His timing is always just right but I always have a way to speed it up!! And He says..."eerrrrr...slow it down girl". I'm so excited for you and this lesson you get to teach at your friend's churh!

Melissa said...

Well, just Amen! Especially the part about His timing being exactly what you want!! Hard lessons of life I must say. Worth it though. Love you! Love that you are learning. That means you are growing and not afraid to admit that you are like me... a work in progress. Girlfriend, if ONLY we could ARRIVE! hee hee!