Monday, June 30, 2008

oh so busy...

my only excuse for not posting since june 9 is that i have been busy. very, very, very busy. super busy, in fact.

i am happy to report that vbs AND camp are over and even happier to report that according to those who participated, they were both quite successful. (it's nothing for me to say they're successful...i planned them...i'm a little biased, i think.) i had planned to possibly write out a long recap for each event but to be honest with you, i'm still a little tired from all the fun i've been having over the last 4 weeks so i'll sum it up this way:

vbs: outrigger island, we had between 750 and 800 every night, learning about God's unshakable Truth, it was a BLAST!

camp: we packed 85 people in buses and drove to anderson, sc, for student life for kids camp. the theme was, the way, and it was phenomenal. 8 of our kids came to know Christ for the first time while every one else was challenged to truly walk the narrow way through this life. no one was seriously hurt and everyone seemed to have a great time. including all the roaches ;).

so there you have summer in a nutshell. i'm going to carowinds today to spend the whole day floating in the lazy river.

until next time (which i think will be tomorrow...i have an overdue post about someone who is all around just the best thing. ever. and i seriously do mean...the best thing. ever. EVER :).

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