Thursday, August 21, 2008

it's just no good

**update: all i'm going to say is that unfortunately it wasn't a simple solution but it's all better now. my absolutely AWESOME fiance' handled the car mechanic man so that it didn't completely send me over the edge (tears were still shed, however). thanks, are the BEST. i love you!**

ugh. you never want to see this little light come on in your car...especially as you are driving down the interstate headed to work. it's just no good, i tell you. luckily, my awesome fiance' was already going to take my car to have it serviced today and he assured me he would make sure everything is okay.

can i just confess to you, though, that i really hate (and i don't use that word often) car issues? it almost always brings tears to my eyes when i have to deal with car stuff. :(


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Will said...

Don't worry. It's almost always the gas cap not being fully screwed on. You just have to unhook the battery, push the brake for a minute to bleed the system of electricity, make sure the gas cap is screwed on all the way (twist till you get several clicks), the hook things up again and you're good. Check engine light gone.