Thursday, August 21, 2008

newness AND randomness

remember when i said a change was coming to the blog? well, it's here and i have to say, i LOVE it. here's a quick shout out to jenny at pick armchair designs...she did a fabulous job!

in other news, i just have to confess that i've had not the greatest attitude over the last several weeks (for lots of reasons that just aren't blog-worthy) but the LORD in His graciousness and compassion jumped all over my bad attitude yesterday several different ways. even though correction is not fun or pleasant i would much rather receive correction than just to be left in my own sinfulness. (it makes me think of hebrews 12:6) so thank goodness for "newness" and opportunities to let go of the past and start fresh!

in the same "new" spirit, i have to say that i am really looking forward to the new sunday school year that kicks off this sunday. (i am a little stressed about it, too but there's no need dwelling on that right now.;) i'm excited about a new direction we seem to be headed and i can't wait to see how the LORD works and moves among us. it's going to be great.

the reason i included randomness in the title is because this next thought is both about something new happening in my life AND something very random. i mentioned several posts ago that i was trying to decide if i would be amy elizabeth alley or amy grayson alley when it's time to change my name on december 6 at 6 pm and the fabulousness that is my blog reader audience did not disappoint with your comments (thank you, by the way). since that one little question did get a whole 5 responses or something like that (a record on the blog with the exception of the wheelchair story post) i thought i'd give you a little update. see? who knew that when you visited my blog today you would receive such pertinent and life changing news for your day? ;) anywho,my mom and i were discussing the name change and i mentioned that i don't really like my first name and mom said, "well, drop amy and change your name to elizabeth." at first i laughed but i have to tell you that i was tempted. now, before you freak out on me or send me lengthy emails about how ridiculous it would be for a 29 year old girl to change her first name this late in the game, i will tell you that is not what i'm going to do. i will admit that it was tempting because my whole life i've wanted to be elizabeth...i just thought it was prettier than amy (no offense to the other million and one amys in the world), but for a brief second i was tempted and then i thought about how difficult it would be plus, can you imagine explaining WHY you changed your first name? no thank you. i will hold on to amy (btw...joel's opinion is that elizabeth is too formal for me...that amy suits me best and since he is the hubs-to-be, i ranked his opinion right up there at the top). although, my good friend andrea (who seriously needs to start blogging) recommended that if i'm going to change my first name, i should just go all out and really mix it up. i could be shaneequa dark alley (her suggestion and it totally fits some good times we had in dallas...) or i could be beau ling alley. anyway, she made me laugh. she is now working on a new name for joel because why stop at just the bride? i think the groom should get to have a little fun, too! :) alright, i guess that's enough rambling and randomness for one sitting.

i just want to say if you read this whole post, thank you and i think you're fabulous and pretty...because this was potentially the weirdest combination of topics i have ever tried to string together to form a post.

until next time...



amy said...

I am cracking up over here. Amy. Elizabeth. Amy. Elizabeth. Well, for obvious reasons, I'm pretty partial to both, but, for reasons relating to a sound mind, I'm glad you have decided to stay with Amy. And by the way, I have always liked Anne better than Amy, considering half the time, people call me Anne, but, I've known a lot of Amy's over the last 40 years and somewhere in my psyche, I'm okay with the name Amy because most all Amy's I have known seem to be of gentle spirit, they're definitely creative, and all of them maintain a sense of humor that surpasses some of the wittiest people I've known and I've known some witty people, I'm married to one, so I guess I'm okay with Amy if all the other Amy's in the world don't mind me riding on their coatails of perception. On the other hand, if you're going for the wittiest award, Bowl Ling definitely takes the cake. (I'll be laughing about this all day and even more next time I see you.)


Anonymous said...

OK since you started it--When I was engaged to Joel's Dad-did you see that-my friends had lots of suggestions for our children's names. Just a few..TinPan, probably before your time, Gasoline, and Back. I like Amy better than any of the suggestions.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh my goodness!!! LOL!!!

BUT, I will tell you, I know a certian momma who started calling her daughter a different name after she was like 5 years old, and it all caught on very quickly! SO......Amy-Elizabeth!! =) I could do that.

Valarie said...

Girl, you are NOT right! LOL!!!

Great post and LOVE the randomness of it all. Felt right at home.