Wednesday, November 26, 2008

joel + amy = fo-eva

9 more days...9 more days, people until i get MARRIED!! woo-hoo! can you believe it? it's hard to even wrap my mind around the fact that we are in serious countdown mode...we are in the single digits now!!

lots of things are wrapping up and my goal is to really enjoy the next 9 nine days so that it's not just one big crazy blur. most everything i have left to do are things that i am enjoying doing. we are still up to our elbows in ribbon and working diligently to get all 300 bows tied but even while we're working on that, mom and i have had fun talking and laughing.

i think i've mentioned it before but i have to tell you that i am so excited about the ceremony itself. we worked so hard to create a memorable worship experience...that's what this is such an amazing, miraculous thing to witness the joining of two people into one and ultimately, we want the Lord to be the centerpiece of the ceremony. and ya'll...i just have to tell you that the music is incredible. i have been listening to my "wedding ceremony" playlist on my ipod and everytime i listen, i cry. i can't help it; i thought that maybe if i listened to it over and over before the wedding, i wouldn't cry during the ceremony but i just don't think that is realistic ;).

as a side note, the title of the post is a little shout out to cari and andrea who offered to bedazzle the bridesmaid dresses to spell out "joel + amy = fo-eva" when everyone stands up front during the ceremony. we are all about the klass (and class spelled with a "k" is extra klassy) in the grayson/alley wedding...KLASSY, i tell you. :) i did see, though, on one of the redneck wedding episodes the bride bedazzled her new name on the train of her wedding dress. if only...too bad i don't own a bedazzler!



Amy E. said...

Did you see my post from Friday? Maybe Joel could incorporate that into the service! :)
So happy for you!! These are fun times!

Melissa said...

Fo-eva is killin' me. THAT is klassy with capital K! I want to do the wave at your wedding too. DURING the ceremony. THAT would be klass friend.
Yay for you and Joel! :0)