Thursday, February 26, 2009

i guess that's why they call it practicing medicine

i don't think that i fully explained on the blog early in the week that i have been sick since saturday...yes, since saturday and quite honestly, was beginning to think that i was never going to get better. i have no stinking idea what i've had but it has been quite the powerful little bug. i went to (yet another) urgent care yesterday morning and i loved the doctor's response, "well, it could be a virus or it could be could be a sinus infection or bronchitis or an upper respitory infection or it could be the flu...but i know it's definitely not strep." all i could do was sit there and silently think to myself, "the FLU?! what do you mean the flu? i had the flu shot and my wonderful white shirt suffered from the great flu shot of 08 episode (remember that?). so, she handed me 2 prescriptions; one for cough/congesition, etc. and an antibiotic. her directions for the antibiotic were, "wait for 2 weeks to get this filled and if you're not any better, go ahead and take it." seriously? i'm not going to list all the reasons i ended up in urgent care wednesday morning but i can promise you, i had some symptoms that were screaming, "girl needs some antibiotics." so, i did what any good patient would do....i had hubs get that bad boy filled and i started taking the antibiotic yesterday afternoon. and ya'll...all i have to say is that i love, love, love the z-pack. i still have some tiredness, cough, and congestion but i feel like a new person.

so, either way if she meant for me to take the z-pack or if it was just a shot in the dark, it apparently was what my body needed to stomp out the nasty little bug that's been making me so sick. AND i'm certain that joel will be happy to see that he actually has a wife that will do more than just switch back and forth between the bed and the couch like a zombie :). speaking of switching, i hear the washer calling my's good to be back in the land of the living!


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Tisha said...

Girl - Just be careful! I had a friend that recently went to an Urgent Care very sick, they did a chest x-ray and said her lungs were fine. She continued to be sick, went to her regular doctor and had pnuemonia. She was sick for like 3 weeks! Hope you're ALL better soon!!