Tuesday, February 24, 2009

because apparently, this is how we roll...

i am happy to report that while we are in the midst of a national economic crisis the alleys have committed to (at least in these first few months of marriage) to keep the kleenex, sudafed, walgreens, and urgent cares in business. i mean, we all want to do our part, right? seriously, we have been sick with one thing after another since we returned from our honeymoon. it's been totally crazy but i have been told by other friends that the same thing happened to them right after they were married. so, hopefully there is light at the end of this kleenex and sudafed filled tunnel...at least, i'm hoping. (does anyone in blog land have experience with this?!)

on the bright side, we are flying to texas for the weekend for my friend stephanie's wedding and are SO excited. we're only there from friday-sunday but i have a HUGE list of things i want to do with joel/show joel/places to eat with joel/places to shop AND i have a list of people i want to see before we have to board the plane sunday evening. (i promise great pictures when we return!)

so while you listen to obama tonight talk more about his economic plans, remember that the alleys are trying to do their part supporting a small portion of the cold/flu/healthcare industry because apparently, that's how we roll.


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