Saturday, February 14, 2009

my valentine

happy valentine's day! i love valentine's day...i've loved it my whole life. i love the cheesiness and goofiness and i love the opportunity to take a day to let someone know just how much you love them. one of my favorite things about valentine's day in elementary school was making and giving valentines to everyone in your class (even the kids you might not have liked) because on that day, you included everyone...everyone got some candy and a card in their little decorated shoebox on the corner of their desk (do you remember making a valentine "mailbox"?). as i've gotten older, i have to admit that i still love valentine's day just as much as i did when i was a kid.

this year it has been SO FUN that my valentine this year is MY HUSBAND!! (he was my valentine last year but he wasn't my husband and there's just still something fun about saying that i have a husband...i'm still a newlywed...cut me some slack. ;) last night we had a "fun" valentine's dinner (i made the famous horseradish hamburgers for him since he liked them so much the first time ;) and for dessert, we made s'mores...we roasted marshmallows over an unscented candle. we had such a fun time. today we have reservations at the melting pot and i'm not quite sure what else he has up his sleeve. actually, while i was sitting here writing this post, the doorbell rang and it was a delivery man with flowers, chocolates, and a teddy bear. what a sweet heart! i had no idea that was coming; he truly surprised me! but anyway, back to the whole reason of this post--my valentine. i wanted to take a second and write down some things i love about my valentine :).

(this was waiting for me at the door when the doorbell rang!)

-i love how his hair literally stands on end in the mornings and his hair isn't very long but i love it. it's really cute.

-i love how he is so understanding and calm when i have a tendancy to freak out :).

-i love his heart for people and for ministry...i love that right now, he so faithfully serves in the Preschool Ministry, even though the Lord has called him to teach adults. his heart and passion for the Lord challenges me and inspires me to

-i love how he is a little OCD about making the bed...i just stand back and "help" because i am not as great at putting sheets on the bed as he is.

-i love that he actually likes for me to pick out his outfits or clothes in the mornings for him.

-i love that he likes spending time with my family and playing with my nephews and niece...they adore him and that makes my heart so happy!

-i love that before i leave the house in the mornings, he takes time to make sure to tell me i look great. (even though, some mornings, i'm sure he's just being means a lot to me. ;)

-i love that he made my Christmas present this is absolutely beautiful and i will treasure it always.

(my Christmas present)

-i love that he has been teaching me that sometimes, it's more important to be comfortable than trying to "have it all together" or look "perfect." (honey...have you noticed my tennis shoes? ;)

-i love, above all, that he is a man who is passionately seeking the face of God and His direction for our family... i love that i know without a doubt that i can follow him without hesitation because he is spending time seeking God's plan and will for us.

joel andrew alley, i love you!! happy valentine's day!

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Melissa said...

Aw! That's very sweet!! I LOVE that he made you that box!! It's so pretty and how special that he MADE it! I love saying that I have a husband too and I have been married for 12 years!! I hope you never lose the excitement of that and NEVER apologize!! People who don't understand need to reevaluate. I'm just sayin'!