Monday, February 9, 2009

i've got no shame...(and i'm apparently very random)

the snuggie has been the topic of recent conversation among people i work with, friends, and i've even noticed a blog or two that has taken a moment to talk about (mock) the snuggie or the slanket. well, i've heard confession is good for the soul so here i go...i have a snuggie. actually, we have 3 snuggies. every time i would see the snuggie advertised on tv, i would comment, "okay, i know i'm a dork but i really want one of those...i'm always cold." well, my sweet hubs ordered the "deluxe" snuggies without telling me to surprise me AND then bought one from walgreens to keep in the car (i'm always cold in the car, too).

now, i know admitting that i am a snuggie user AND that i actually love my snuggie is setting me up for quite a bit of internet-mocking but that's totally okay :) because i have no shame. all i'm saying is, come on over to my house and try the snuggie...once you put it on, you're hooked. :)

in other news, i can't believe that it's already been 2 months since i said, "i do." i know 2 months isn't a long time but it certainly has seemed like it has flown by. we're doing well and seem to be adjusting to being married...we both agree that we love it. i have to take a second and brag on joel because the way he loves me, cares for me, provides for me, protects me and serves me simply overwhelms me. i never dreamed that the Lord would bless me with such a man (i had hoped but the Lord's blessing of joel waay outmet my expectations!) and i am so, so thankful for him. i know this paragraph is random and doesn't quite seem to fit in with the snuggie story but thinking about joel buying me a snuggie made me think of how sweet he is and so on and so forth and here i am gushing about him. it happens. :)

back to the snuggie news...i had planned to post a picture of me wrapped up in the goodness that is a snuggie...maybe sometime this week.


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