Tuesday, April 28, 2009

shrimp and veggie goodness

we've fully recovered from the icky bug that bit us last week. thank goodness! i have to give a shout out to my friend, andrea, who passed on one of her great (and healthy!!) recipes to me. i tried it tonight and OH. MY. WORD. it was so good. i marinated (in a really simple mix) shrimp, squash and zucchini and then grilled them on our george foreman grill. (as an aside, i am so proud of hubs because he is not a huge fan of veggies...unless they are raw...but he told me he was willing to try the marinated, grilled veggies and he liked them! YES! score for the home team. ;)
here was the finished product:

i know i mentioned our date night last thursday night in my previous post and can't believe i didn't include our pictures! so, here's "date night part 2: in pictures."

i think you can tell that our spirit was willing but our flesh was still a little weak...

mmmmm....amazing dinner!

so much fun at the musical...love elle woods!
how's that for one of the most random posts i've written in awhile? (actually, i had planned just to write about the shrimp recipe but when i pulled the picture off the camera, i realized i had date night pictures to share, too.) anyway, just know that life is good in the alley household. we are loving being married, trying new recipes and are so excited about our new puppy, paisley, who will be joining our family on may 22. she's precious. you can bet that i will post pictures of her as soon as i have them!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

sounds yummy!! i'm so glad you had fun!! I was cracking up at the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak!! lol!! =)

Melissa said...

Sorry I am just reading this, but I do love that the meal was as good as it looks! Still love your plates too! :)