Sunday, April 5, 2009

so very blessed

we've had a great couple weeks here in the alley household. since i'm such a fan of lists, i thought i'd share in list form :).

  • last friday we had a "date night" with our niece, anna. joel picked her up on his way home from fun to have your uncle pick you up for the "date" ;). we let her pick the restaurant for dinner (she picked on the border), stopped at coldstone for some ice cream to take into the movie theater (instead of buying candy there), and then enjoyed monsters vs aliens. we had so much fun with anna and she gave us cards she made for us (#1 aunt card and "awesomest uncle ever" card) that have a place of prominence on our refrigerator.
  • last saturday we had so much fun bowling with the special needs sunday school class from church, had lunch with our favorite guinns :), shopping, and then celebrating our engagement anniversary with a yummy dinner at bonefish grill. gotta love the bang bang shrimp!
  • we both renewed our commitment to make it to the gym every morning. currently, we're doing a big health and wellness contest at work where each person commits to walk 120 miles in 8 weeks. given my competitive nature AND the fact that gaining a vacation day is the prize, i'm all about winning!!
  • we spent some fun time with my parents in gastonia. it had actually been awhile since we had been over there for dinner (they've been coming to my house...i figured the least i could do is cook for them after all the meals they've prepared for me over the years ;) and it did not disappoint. my mama knows how to cook...yum. she's the best!
  • friday night i had a girl's night with the girls in our sunday school class and had the best time! i'm excited about the beach trip in may!
  • saturday we spent the morning cleaning (while i don't love the process of cleaning, i love the result. i will admit that i'm a little OCD about keeping my house clean ;) and then saturday afternoon took our nephews to nascar speedpark. we had a blast with them AND i totally schooled joel in skee ball. he won't admit it but i'm just naturally a better player than he is. :) we also let the boys pick our dinner location and they picked sticky fingers. THEN, (i know, are you tired, yet?) my family (mom & dad, sister, bro-in-law, and niece) met us at our house to watch the heels take down villanova in the final four game.
  • then, today was church and we were SO busy!! lots of visitors and members returning to church that have been out for awhile for various reasons. it was a great day in the Lord's house and a great start to holy week. i will say, some of my favorite crafts always happen on palm sunday. today did not disappoint...little kids with a construction paper "head band" around their head with palm fronds stapled to it. precious, just precious.

well, tomorrow starts the beginning of a very busy, busy week! we are in serious preparation mode for easter sunday AND we are in the middle of vbs, there is lots of fun to be had at the grove this week!


Joel said...

Schooled? Schooled?! I won three games, and I let you win four. And it was totally worth it to see you having fun. Love you babe!

the alleys said... LET me win, huh? i don't think that's exactly how it went but i did have fun with you. :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

love reading about all the fun things going on! Hope you are doing good this week! =)

Melissa said...

We loved having lunch with our favorites Alleys too! Your list sounds great and I know this weekend will be busy but God will be blessed by your commitment to love people's kids!! Love you!