Friday, October 2, 2009

life is...

life here in the alley household is good. actually, i would say that it's great. the last two weeks have been amazing. my last day in the office was difficult but praise God my last Sunday was a good day! i didn't know what to expect or how i would deal with it but from the moment my eyes opened that Sunday morning, i was completely filled with and covered by the Lord's peace...the peace that passes all understanding. sure, it was emotional to hug the necks of children and parents i've grown to love over the last 8 yrs (2 1/2 yrs of interning and then 5 1/2 yrs after seminary) and to say goodbye but through all of it, i had such an overwhelming peace. i was able to enjoy my last sunday with complete assurance that joel and i are moving exactly in the right direction...relying on the Lord to guide us instead of handling it ourselves. :)

it was funny to me when people (before my last day of work) would ask, "what are you going to do with yourself now that you'll have all that time?" i would like to find those people and ask them to what exactly were they referring? what time? obviously, my life is less structured and there is waaay less stress but honestly, life hasn't slowed down. i'm working part time doing some contract work as a consultant for hgbc's daycare/mother's morning out program, i've started a pampered chef business {if you're reading and would love to host a party in your home, have a catalog party, OR place an order, just shoot me an email...i'd love to help you out! ;}, i'm in a mentoring program/bible study at church AND i've been decorating our house for fall. and i hate to admit it, but none of that stuff was even on my "things to do when i stop working" list. so, never fear, i i haven't been bored one single second over the last couple weeks and i couldn't be happier!


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