Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas tour of homes (a week late...)

okay, so the nester's christmas tour of homes is now closed which makes me sad :( because i had planned to totally join in on the christmasy blogging fun this year but the last 3 weeks or so have been jam packed in our life (my dad's surgery, orlando for a week, and then a week prepping for our first...possibly open house). due to all the craziness, taking on the christmas tour of homes (as fabulous as it is) just didn't happen last week.

so, grab a cup of hot chocolate or warm apple cider and....

welcome to our home!

love this wreath...

our christmas tree in our foyer

dining room

wreath hanging over the doorway of our family room from the loft upstairs

LOVE my willow tree nativity...thanks mom and angela :)

our mantle (random fact: the stockings, the tree skirt, and the table runner on my dining room table all match. it makes me happy :)

kitchen table

Ho, Ho, Ho (or if you're in the kitchen looking into the family room, it's Oh, Oh, sis pointed that out. We thought it was funny and sometimes appropriate ;)

our advent it and look forward to making part of our alley Christmas traditions. it's super special because my mom bought them to give to me and my sister. my sister's kids have loved theirs and i'm so excited to finally hang mine in our home!

up close

love my jingle bell tree AND the happy birthday Jesus's right beside my kitchen sink and was a great reminder this week amid all the craziness of prepping for the party of the REAL reason for everything this time of year!

"santa, i can explain..." :)

our pantry door...thought this was a fun little sign

some of the food from the party yesterday

more food from the party yesterday :)

paisley even is getting in the christmas spirit with her fun little red sweater!

thanks for stopping by and from our home to yours, we pray you have a very merry christmas. take time this week amid the hustle and bustle to truly stop and soak in the wonder of the season and that Emmanuel has come.

Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

Who cares if you are a week late!? It's beautiful and I am glad you shared! It's so exciting to get all of your things together for Christmas as a new couple! Love the wreath!! It looks great! :) Sorry we missed the festivities, but we will get together soon!
Love you and Merry Christmas!

Andrea said...

Love that candy jar in your kitchen...must have been a gift from someone really special! ha ha ha ha ha...just kidding. :)

Your house looks great and very festive! Poor Paisley does not look like she is in the festive mood, but now that she's an Alley she has to know that's how y'all roll. :)

Love ya - Merry Christmas!

the alleys said...

andrea--yes! the candy/cookie jar did come from a very special friend. how did you know? ;) i actually tagged you in the pic of it on facebook and commented on how much i love it and it's from one of my best friends :).

yes, paisley is going to have to jump on board the polar express because we are all about being festive in this house!