Tuesday, December 22, 2009

act like a duck...

anytime something completely out of my control would happen, a past co-worker of mine {someone who i always approached with questions, concerns, or problems because she always gave me great, wise advice} would tell me to act like a duck. i know that sounds crazy but she had a good point...her point was that i needed to let things go the way water runs off a duck's back. got that? let. it. go.

from experience, {and hubs just confirmed this about me} i tend to be more like a sponge...i soak things up and let them bother me {and the bad thing about a sponge, is that if you squeeze it a little or once it fills up to capacity, all that water has to come out some way...and for me, it's usually in the form of tears}. i don't do it on purpose but recently i've been trying to figure out how i can "act like a duck" and just let. it. go. believe me, i've had several moments lately where i've tried very hard to process how to be more like a duck and i have to tell you, i have no idea.

but i think i know a good place to start...i do know this, i serve and love a God who tells me to "cast all my anxiety on Him because He cares for me." so, today, that's my goal. the desire of my heart and my life is to please my Lord and then my husband. after that, i'm casting all my cares and anxiety on Him. period. i'm not picking it up to worry about it again...once i've handed it over, it's gone. {do you know how hard that is to do? let me tell you, it's very hard and very tempting.} so, today, my goal is to let. it. go. and if you see me walking around quacking every now and then, you'll know why ;).


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