Monday, December 28, 2009

not me! monday

it's been awhile since i joined in on the not me! monday fun but thought i'd jump on the bandwagon today.

in preparation for a big christmas party at my house last week i most certainly did not clean my entire house (we're talking top to bottom scrubbing) all except for my bedroom. there's no way i would have just decided to close the bedroom door and use the bedroom as the gathering place for all the party supplies that needed to be returned and christmas presents still waiting to be wrapped. nope, not me!

along those same lines, i would never wrap empty boxes and fill gift bags with wal mart bags as filler just so i had pretty presents under my tree for the party (and to conceal the christmas tree cord). since i would not do that i absolutely would not have my hubs wrap his own christmas gift because it was the right shape box to conceal said cord. i'd never do that...not me!

last week when i stopped by the nail salon to have a much needed manicure, i did not succumb to peer pressure from the nail ladies to let them wax my eyebrows. of course i would not do that because i regularly keep my eyebrows waxed, right? so of course it did not bother me when one lady completely ignored personal space rules and pointed out that she could wax my eyebrows for me and i'd be "so pretty." then it most certainly did not bother me after i politely said no that her friend from the next station invaded the same personal space rules to shake her head, click her tongue, and tell me, "you need eyebrows done...she do it for you and you be soo pretty!" so, of course i did not let her wax my brows just so they would leave me alone...nope, not me!

since i'm definitely not a procrastinator, i did not wait until last monday to do most of my christmas shopping and i most certainly did not send hubs out to purchase the last gifts on my list the morning of christmas eve. of course, i would never do that, not me!


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Jen said...

Oh my goodness!! I can totally relate to your whole post!!

I NEVER NEVER NEVER have my bedroom door open when company comes over. That is where I store last minute stuff.~OR I didn't make my bed:)whatever:)

Love your blog!
Have a great day!