Friday, January 8, 2010

friday night goodness

sitting here staring at a big white box with a blinking cursor can be a bit intimidating, no? several topics have been bouncing around in my head all day but when i actually sat down to write the blog post...............nothing. i got nothing. so, i thought i'd give you a little random snapshot of today.

  • my visit to the nail salon today was less eventful than last time and even managed to make it out with just the basic manicure. i didn't give in to pressure to "upgrade" to a deluxe or chocolate or hot stone manicure and i resisted the offer to wax my eyebrows again. i assured her i was just fine with the plain old manicure today.
  • it was stinking cold today. seriously? this carolina girl has NO IDEA what to do with 32 degree temperatures during the day. i'm not even going to mention how frustrated it makes me to have to endure the cold temperatures with the absence of white stuff on the ground. if we're gonna be this cold i want something to show for it.
  • i love my sister...i got to spend the majority of the day with her and it just made me so happy. we enjoyed a yummy lunch of pimento cheese burgers and then spent some time shopping.
  • while we were out shopping, i scored a $50 sweater for hubs for only $15. yes, that's right...$15. i was super excited.
  • paisley and i had an eventful evening (before hubs came home from work) and let's just say that apparently she consumed something while playing outside that her little tummy did not appreciate and it had to come back up. enough said. ewwww. i am ashamed to admit that at one point, i called hubs and told him he would have to come home (it was already 5:30) to deal with this because i just couldn't. no worries...i did, eventually, man up and take care of it but it was brutal. ewwwwww.
  • i made a yummy lasagna recipe tonight that is literally called "world's best lasagna" and i can say, it does not disappoint. i'm not even a big lasagna fan and i love it. knowing that the kitchen cleanse is happening tomorrow, we're planning on sharing the lasagna love with my parents because who wants to throw away perfectly good lasagna? especially when it's called "world's best lasagna" :).
  • tomorrow is our first weight watcher's weigh in day. hmph. i'm not exactly thrilled about that appointment on my calendar (dreading the first weigh in) but it's worth it to get started! on a more positive side for tomorrow, we're potentially going to purchase a desk. i'm excited and i'm ready to start organizing!

so, with weight watchers, furniture shopping, church, and nfl playoff games....good bye until monday.

have a fabulous weekend!


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Christy said...

I feel your pain. I love my dog, but I hate cleaning up his vomit. I much prefer it when he immediately eats it ;-)