Tuesday, January 12, 2010


yeah, that word kinda sums me up today. truth be told, i've been grumpy for the past few days; i don't really know what's causing it or why i'm grumpy...i just am. i even considered not blogging today because really, who wants to read what grumpy amy has to say? but then i remembered i promised to not worry or care about what you might think about me and just blog freely. so, here i am. "hi, my name is amy and i'm grumpy..."

so here are a few of my pet peeves as of late (humor me, i'm grumpy...remember?):

-facebook. {gasp!} i've been onboard the facebook bandwagon for a long time...like, back in the day when you had to be associated with a school to join and i've been a fb fan for a long time. i've really enjoyed reconnecting with friends from elementary school, junior high, high school, college, and seminary. lately, it has just bugged me that it seems as though people either use their status messages to declare how awesome their life is {been guilty of that at one point or another} or as a way to passive agressively judge other people. either way, facebook has not brought out the best in me lately so i've decided that sometimes with a status message, silence really can be golden. hopefully, i'll be feeling the facebook love again really soon.

-parents who refuse to volunteer: i've worked in children's ministry in some capacity or another for 12 1/2 years now and parents who refuse to volunteer still completely baffle me and frustrate me all at the same time. they freak out if their child's class has no teacher {or if the teacher is late, heaven forbid} but when you ask them to step up and serve they have a million reasons why they can't. now, i'm not a big fan of requiring all parents to serve {you don't want someone teaching your child who hates being in the room or doesn't really like children} but come on, people. step up and teach children about Jesus. my other related "soap box" is that parents have lower expectations for their child's sunday school teacher than they have for their own teacher but that's another rant for another day. it just baffles me that parents can hear that their child's class has no teacher 3 sundays out of the month and still seem indifferent to the problem.

-bad drivers: if you're a chronic breaker, forget to turn off your turn signal five miles after you turn, or you tend to drive slower than the posted speed limit, i'm sorry but you drive me crazy when we're on the road together.

in order to balance out the grumpiness, i have thought of a few things lately that really make me happy:

-my amazing husband: seriously...i'm not trying to be a sappy newlywed {because, newsflash...i just heard this week that if you've passed the one year anniversary, you're no longer newlyweds. that makes me so sad} but he really and truly is the sweetest man on the planet. i've been sick for several weeks and not only has he endured my whining, complaining, and all around wimpyness, he's been so sweet to me. there are about a million other examples i could give but just trust me...he's just awesome.

-my little paisley: i don't know what it is about her the last few weeks but she has been such a little cuddle bug lately and i love it! she loves to just snuggle up and chew on her {nylon} bone or lately she just lays down across my lap and settles in for some good snuggling. she also is such a fan of giving kisses {i never thought i'd be okay with that but i am}. example: the other day after she'd been outside to play for a bit {and it was pretty cold out}, i picked her up and she wrapped her front paws around my neck and nestled her head into my hair and laid her head on my shoulder. precious, just precious.

-a trip to dallas in february: i'm super excited about my trip to see some of my best friends in the world. i had some amazing experiences in dallas with some incredible friends and it always does my heart good to go back and visit.

thanks for enduring the grumpy amy today. hopefully, a happier amy will be back tomorrow :).

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Christina and Ben said...

You are newlyweds for as long as you CHOOSE to be! Ben and I still consider ourselves newlyweds.....and hopefully will for years to come! :) Love reading your blog....especially with the recent extra doses of honesty! ;-)