Thursday, January 14, 2010

weight watcher wednesday update...on thursday

i have to admit, i missed blogging yesterday. so, i owe you a "weight watchers wednesday" update even though today is thursday :). whatever works, right?

first things first, i lost 2 pounds this week. hubs and i did not make it to an actual weight watcher meeting last week but i weighed at home. we're headed to our first "official" meeting on saturday morning at 10:00. i also "cleansed" our pantry and ended up with 3 trash bags full of stuff. i also had a very successful trip to the grocery store where i replaced the not-so-good-for-us food with food that is good for us. tonight's dinner was made from ingredients purchased during the turning-over-a-new-and-healthy-leaf grocery trip and hubs actually really liked it. score!

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