Monday, January 4, 2010

let's get real

i've always been the type of person who, honestly, refused to set resolutions at the start of the new year. something about the whole resolution thing just bugs me...maybe it's the fact that on january 1 everyone has great intentions and plans to totally change their life and then by january 8 or 10 most things go back to same old, same old. that's a positive outlook, isn't it? :)

now, while part of me {most of me, actually} is skeptical about the whole new years resolution thing, there is a part of me this year that is intrigued by the idea and promise that a new year can bring. so, {gulp} i'm thinking of setting some goals {still not calling them resolutions} for the new year. one of these goals will directly affect the blog and the other will have some sort of an indirect affect. {you're sitting on the edge of your seats now, aren't you? ;}

goal #1: i've decided that i am going to start blogging every day but you may see a bit of a different shift or change in the subject matter and sometimes the tone of the blog...not in a negative or a bad way but i've decided to stop worrying so much about what people may think about what i write and instead, i'm just going to write. what i'm saying is that for awhile i've worried about what people might think or perceive about me when they read the blog {yes, that's right...all 4 of you that read ;} and i've just decided that i'm over that. don't misunderstand me, the things i've blogged have been the real me but i've avoided the blog if things were sometimes difficult or less than perfect in life OR if i was perhaps not in the happiest, most cheerful frame of mind. all i'm saying is that it's time to get real, people. i might blog about what God is currently teaching me or i might blog about last night's episode of whatever reality tv show i watched. so, obviously, this is the goal that will have a direct affect on the blog.

goal #2: it's time to lose some weight, people. {i'm telling you i need to lose weight...not that you need to lose weight...just to clarify.} in line with the whole "let's get real" thing i've decided to share a side of me that i typically don't share with most people and that's the whole struggle to lose weight and be healthy side of my life. it's a struggle i've had as long as i can remember {way back into childhood} and i'm just done with it. for real. so, i hereby declare every wednesday on the blog to be weight watcher wednesday {this idea isn't original with me...i borrowed it from the mojito maven}. i'm not ready to get totally crazy and post my weight or anything on the blog {gives me the heebie jeebies just to think about it} but i am going to use the blog as a way to report what's going on with this part of my life as a way of accountability. since i've said i'm going to blog about it, the "type a" personality in me will cause me to follow through.

so, here's to being real and hopefully, weighing less in 2010!

see you tomorrow!


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