Tuesday, January 5, 2010

love the bag, love the shoes, love everything...

so today i have to confess something to you. i love accessories...truly, i do. since i'm recovering from the apparent alley bubonic plague of 09/10, i've spent a lot of time playing online and have found some stellar accessories/shoes that i seriously heart.

now, i've always said if i weren't in the ministry i would seriously love to either be a personal shopper {hello, picking out clothes/accessories for people and spending their money and not my own} or an event planner. so, humor me today {remember, i said the new blog topics might vary...today is all about fun and surfacey...how DO you spell that word?...topics like bags, shoes, necklaces, and fashion} because i'm totally going to share {just a few} of my favorite things. by the way, i've informed hubs that if he needs ideas for future gifty holidays he should not feel bad AT ALL if he uses this list to shop from ;).
so, i give you my top 5 accessory picks from piperlime {well, really, i just stopped at 5...there's pretty much a zillion things on their website i love;}.

okay, let's seriously have a moment of silence for these boots. oh. my. word. LOVE them. i've wanted some cowboy boots for just about forever now and now that i've found these boots my shoe collection has declared it won't be complete without these boots.

love, love, love this bag. i just think it's beautiful.

don't you just love these heels? now, i admit that practically speaking, i'll never wear them but they're beautiful, nonetheless. {who are we kidding...i would completely either kill myself or in the very least, break my ankle.}

these are more like what you'll see me wearing and if you know me in real life, you know that i love a little animal print...just a touch.

i've totally jumped on the cocktail ring bandwagon and think this ring is fun and super cute.
{by the way...does anyone recognize the movie quote that i used as the title to the post? it's from one of my favorite chick flicks and definitely from one of my favorite parts of that particular movie. ;}

don't forget to check in tomorrow for weight watcher's wednesday...i'm going to talk about the kitchen cleanse hubs and i will be doing this weekend.



Andrea said...

Is it My Best Friend's Wedding? When her boss is pretending to be her boyfriend and meets the future mother-in-law? I don't think that is the one you are thinking of, but he says something really close to that.

Cowboy boots, huh? Well, you know, when we go to the Stockyards I bet you could find a pair...I know that is your favorite place in Texas to visit. :)

the alleys said...

YES! it's my best friend's wedding AND it's when george arrives @ the church and meets kimmie's mom...it's what he says to her. hilarious.

umm...i may just order my boots from piperlim...i don't know if i could handle boots AND the stockyards ;). you're just precious for offering, though. we will absolutely HAVE to make our annual sam moon trip. joel asked me last night if we would go to sam moon and i said, "ummm...am i breathing?! of course we'll go to sam moon! i'm already trying to figure out how i'll pack all the goodies i purchase!"

Christy said...

I think you should get the boots. Cowboy boots are so trendy right not, and honestly, if you put them under a pair of jeans, you could still wear them after they stop being super cool.