Wednesday, January 27, 2010

weight watcher's wednesday

well hello there, blogland! apparently i took a one week blogging break {apparently, an unplanned break}. life has just been quite busy and honestly, didn't realize it has already been a week since i last blogged.

i have good news to share on the weight watchers front! i was a little nervous about our weigh in on saturday morning. i had worked so hard all week to make sure we were staying within our points but also eating all of our points {which is a bit of a challenge since hubs gets quite a few points}. i just wanted a little bit of movement on the scale to reassure me that i at least had an inkling of how in the world to plan our menus so that they were full of filling, yummy, and healthy weight watchers food. on to the good news...

hubs and i both lost 5.5 lbs!! i thinked i scared the little weight watcher lady because i was so excited about losing any weight much less losing 5.5 lbs! we were both very excited and felt ready to tackle this week. it's been a hard weight watcher's week simply because i've had 2 pampered chef parties and some other things going on in the evenings but we've both been tracking our points and i think we're doing okay.

fingers crossed that we'll have another success on the scale this saturday!

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the 5 lbs!! I am also trying to lose weight and it seems like a never ending battle!! I hope your weigh-in Sat. goes well!! I enjoy your blogs!