Wednesday, January 20, 2010

weight watcher wednesday

pics from last week's pantry cleanse...

this was everything that was tossed in the trash...ugh.

this is the newly cleansed/organzied pantry :)

weight watchers here in the alley household is going really well. hubs says he's down 4 lbs and i'm down 2 lbs {since weigh in on saturday}. i've been working very hard to plan meals that would be very ww friendly that we love AND that we're not going to get tired of eating.

hubs has quite a large number of points he has to consume every day {ww uses the points system and you must eat your points every day in order to lose the weight}and so it's been challenging to plan meals within my points range AND meals so that he can use up all of his points :). it's been a little adventure, i'm telling ya.

this was monday night's dinner...grilled chicken, spinach salad {with oranges, strawberries, almonds, and craisins}, half a sweet potato and grapes

i think we've both {hubs and i} turned the corner and are really committed to following through with this. we're ready to get healthy and oh. my. word. it makes a world of difference that we're doing this together. so, the first full week of ww has been a success, i believe.

see you next wednesday with more ww news....hopefully much lighter ;).

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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

So proud of you! Way to go!! And that dinner looks yummy!! :)