Monday, March 15, 2010

checking in...

hey there! just thought i'd take a second to check in. life has been busy lately. hubs and i were both out of town for a week (he was away on business and i flew down to dallas to spend time with some of my best friends on the planet ;) and the next week hubs and i took a mini-vacay to charleston (it was incredible). throw in a week of sickness (thank you, boston, for sending that horrible flu-like virus home with my hubs) and trying to get our house ready to go on the market (this week!!) and we have been some busy, busy people!

so, here's a quick little recap...

dallas: i had an incredible time with friends. andrea was an amazing hostess (with the mostess ;) and cari drove up from round rock to be with us for a few days. it was great being with those two again because we pretty much laugh 24/7. we, of course, had a blast shopping (sam moon, swoozies, charming charlie....which, is my new favorite store on the planet, by the way) and enjoying the incredible food you can only find in the dallas (or texas) area. i also got to catch up with other friends, marty and nanette, and have brunch with stephanie.

boston: hubs will have to give you an update about boston. i do know he worked...a lot...but that was the whole purpose of the trip ;). he did get to experience candlestick bowling (no it) and a bit of a cold boston winter.

while i had a blast in dallas and hubs had a successful business trip in boston, we were ready to be home and together by the time i flew in friday evening. and then.....sunday evening hubs started getting sick and by monday afternoon, i started getting sick. we have never been sick at exactly the same time before and it was an interesting week ;). you see, i like to be around people when i'm sick. i'm a big baby and i don't like to be left alone....misery loves company, you know. well, hubs is completely the opposite. he wants to suffer alone in silence. like i said, it was an interesting few days but we made it just in time to head to charleston!

charleston: we had an absolutely amazing time in charleston. we stayed in the downtown/historic district and it was absolutely beautiful. the weather was wonderful (maybe just a little chilly but i'd rather have that than die in heat and humidity!) and we loved walking around charleston and enjoying the sunshine. we had reservations at incredible restaurants (magnolias, peninsula grill, high cotton) and we also enjoyed some other fun charleston restaurants like hymans, kaminsky's, tbonz, and cupcake. shopping on king street was a lot of fun (hubs was a great sport ;) and we enjoyed 2 different carriage rides. we also happened to be there during the charleston food and wine festival...when we found out that kevin and eli from top chef: las vegas were going to compete against each other, we were sold. we bought tickets and had the best time! we sampled some incredible food and got to watch kevin and eli cook and richard blais was the mc. fun times! i was spoiled with getting to spend so much time with hubs (we were sick earlier in the week and then while we were in charleston) that it made me so sad when he had to go back to work on monday. (i'm going to post pics from charleston in my next blog post.....)

we've spent this last week working on getting our house ready to go on the market. we don't have a lot of major things that need to be done but just a lot of little things that can still take some time to get them accomplished. i've been organzing closets, the pantry, the laundry room (i just might take a picture of my laundry room to show you because, really, who ever goes in there but i worked so should get to see the fruit of my labor. i bought white baskets to organize all of my cleaning supplies and thing in the laundry room that have been living on top of the washer/dryer, and i bought a clear glass jar that holds my laundry detergent. if a laundry room can be pretty...i think ours is kinda pretty ;). hubs has been hard at work consolidating stuff upstairs that has been cluttering our office and bonus room, cleaning out the closets in the bonus room and office and moving all of that stuff to the attic. most of the stuff in the closets has been there since hubs moved into this house (before we even knew each other) so i let him decide what to keep/throw out/move to the attic. it will be nice, though, to have that closet space to use it to store the things that haven't yet found a home!

that's pretty much been our life in a nutshell the last few weeks. i'm having hand surgery (nothing's outpatient) at the end of this week but i'm not going to be allowed to type or blog or (gasp!) facebook on the computer for a few weeks so blog posts may be few and far between (unless...i just had a brilliant idea to ask hubs to run the blog while i'm gone....maybe i can talk him into doing some blogging. i'm going to work on that). so, be patient and check in every now and then. i'll be back as soon as i can!

until then...enjoy the longer days with (hopefully) more sunshine and warmer temperatures!

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