Monday, March 1, 2010

while it's still called today...

i've seen the quote, "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans," several times and honestly, i've shrugged it off. it almost seemed more like a cliche' but lately, i'm beginning to see how it can be true. i've had some days lately where i just feel like my life is a complete blur almost to the point that i feel like life is in fast forward. do you ever have days or weeks like that? you know, where you sit down at the end of the day and it feels as though you were just trying to keep your head above water...forget trying to do something important or meaningful with your time. well, i'll be honest and say i have felt that way lately more often than not and i'll be honest to tell you that i don't like it.

i had lots of great plans when i resigned from my full time job....spend lots of time organizing my home, spend more time with family and friends, cook amazing {and healthy} meals for my husband and i've been able to accomplish some of these things. it almost makes me chuckle to myself, though, that i still haven't learned in my 31 years of life that being disciplined with your time, resources, etc. doesn't come easy.

the Lord has also been so very gracious lately to remind me to live in the moment while keeping eternity in perspective. i remember when i was single {and had no dating prospects nearby} feeling like i was waiting on God to move and allow me to meet my future mate. i did my best during that time in my life to not put my life on hold just because i was single. i didn't want to feel like i was waiting on life to begin when i got married so i did what i could to invest in my friendships, poured myself into fulltime ministry, and most importantly, sought to spend as much time with the Lord as i could. now that i'm married, i see another potential "waiting game" and again, i'm challenging myself to make the most of my life. i want to do everything i can do grow in my relationship with the Lord, with my husband, to use this season of life as an opportunity to organize our home, and to get healthy.

lately my prayer has been that the Lord would reconcile my desires and wants for my life with His. i don't want to feel like i'm just sitting here waiting on "the next step" in life and not making a difference in the here and now. honestly, we're not promised another day or even another breath so let's make the most of today while it's still called today {thank you, steven curtis chapman}.

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Melissa said...

It is so true! After grocery shopping ,cleaning, doing things for school, running errands... it just feels like I forgot to laugh or slow down and look at what God is doing. Very good reminder to LIVE while it's still today! Love you!