Thursday, April 15, 2010

well hello there!

hello there, blog world! it's been awhile, i know but it's not because we've had a lack of things happening in our little corner of world but mostly due to my hand surgery {i'm so glad my hand doesn't seem to hate me when i type anymore!} and partly due to being so stinking busy!

if you know me at all, you know that i heart making a list so to celebrate that little part of my ocd personality, i'm going to format my welcome back blog in list form. you're welcome...i know you're excited.

so here's what has been happening in our life over the last few weeks...

  • hand surgery: well, it wasn't awful. it wasn't nearly as bad as the big toe surgery of '07 . there were some funny and entertaining {for those around me...not necessarily funny or entertaining to me} moments that were directly related to pain medicine. my hand isn't quite back to 100% but i'd say it's back to 85 %. the awesome thing is that all of my carpal tunnel symptoms are completely gone. it's so nice not to wake up in the middle of the night to numb hands {i do have carpal tunnel in my left hand but it's not nearly as bad as it was in my right hand so we're trying some other things to try to avoid surgery}.
  • easter: since i was in college, i have made an effort to attend the various holy week services that churches offer. i think it can be easy to overlook the week of holy week and just focus on sunday morning (which is important, don't get me wrong) but to me, sunday means so much more when i take time that week to remember what happened in the days leading up to the empty tomb. so, we had the opportunity to do just that...joel and i enjoyed attending my aunt's church for their maundy thursday and good friday services. sunday morning i'm happy to report i had more than enough volunteers to staff the 2's and 3's sunday school rooms {praise the Lord!!} and then we had such a fun time with my family that afternoon. we did take pictures but since hubs and i forgot our camera {oops} they're on my dad's camera and i keep forgetting to have him send them to me. if they're good pics, i'll post them soon ;).
  • real estate: so, our house is on the market and things are going well. we've had lots of activity and a couple return showings. our realtor is really the best ever :) and we love her to pieces. we have also been working through the process of picking out lots and floorplans because we're pretty sure that we will build our next house.
  • seattle: bleh. hubs has been out of town since monday and won't return until this weekend and i miss him terribly. he's attending an escalation engineer summit and i'm so proud of him. he doesn't toot his own horn {ever} but since he's away i'm going to take a second to brag on him. he truly does such an incredible much so that the developers of the product he supports have openly admitted that he is the expert and the "go-to" man on that product. he works so incredibly hard and more than anything, i know that he does his work with excellence and integrity to honor the Lord. i'm thankful that the Lord has given him a heart and an opportunity to be salt and light in his workplace. i will admit, though, i'm ready for him to come home.
  • who, me?: what have i been doing with my time lately? besides getting the house ready to go on the market {and keeping it "show ready" 24/7} and recovering from surgery, i've been a busy girl. we are in the middle of recruiting vbs teachers and sunday school teachers for the new year at church and as always, it's a challenge but i really enjoy it. i have also had the opportunity to do some teacher training sessions for a local day care/mother's day out and i have an upcoming workshop to teach for a local baptist association's vbs training. i'm also having a special pampered chef "party" online right now. if you're interested in pampered chef products, leave me a comment or email me and i'll give you details on how to place an order on my website and receive free shipping. it's worth it, i promise! :)

as far as updates go, i think i've covered everything :) and quite possibly bored you to death. now that typing doesn't kill my hand, blogging will rotate back on my "to-do" list.

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Melissa said...

wow! lots going on! so glad that the hand is better and that you are able to get back to doing things that you enjoy! Can't wait to hear about the house! Love and miss you!