Sunday, September 5, 2010

lazy days

we've had so much going on around here at casa de alley that we felt as though some lazy days were in order. so, that's just what we've done the last several days and it's been absolutely wonderful. we have truly just "existed" at home and enjoyed the beautiful weather (and not having a schedule)! the plan for tomorrow is the same as saturday and sunday: be lazy, enjoy some down time and just rest!

we actually did have one thing planned yesterday....we saw mary poppins the musical and it was absolutely incredible. it's one of my absolute favorite movies from my childhood and the musical was so much fun! it was wonderful and practically perfect in every way ;-). the only thing truly on the schedule for tomorrow is our nfl fantasy football draft. my nephew (who is 15) called me and asked if i would set it up for him and for his friends and, "would you like to play with us, too, aunt amy? you're really good at stuff like that." how can you say no to a request like that? so, i'm the league manager for our little group's fantasy football league. i actually need to go study up and make a plan for the players i want to draft. decisions, decisions.

don't be too concerned with all this talk of laziness and lack of schedules and resting that we're going to become unproductive people. no, you shouldn't be concerned at all because tuesday morning is coming when hubs has to go back to work and i have to go observe a middle school social studies class where i'm going to substitute at the end of the week. yes, you read that sentence correctly...i am going to be a middle school substitute next week. (shiver) you can start praying for me right now if you'd like. i remember what kids did to subs back when i was in middle school but the important thing is not to let them see me afraid, right ;-). i'll give you a full report next week, don't worry...and i'm the experience will provide me with some interesting blogging material.

just thinking about it tires me out....back to my restful, carefree weekend!

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Melissa said...

oh my heavens! You needed a rest before tackling middle school! WOW! Good for you! :) Can't wait to hear all about it! love you!