Monday, September 13, 2010

monday evening brain dump

it's fact, it's been monday allll day long. it's not been a bad day but the fact that it is monday gives me an excuse to not write a beautifully cohesive blog post. hence, the title of the post: monday evening brain dump. so here we go...

  • the weekend was super busy but also a lot of fun. spent time with friends friday and saturday nights, saw family on sunday, and ended the weekend participating in dave ramsey's financial peace university. yesterday was week #2...i'll comment more on that in just a minute.
  • i subbed for 7th/8th grade social studies on friday and it definitely affirmed that i am not called to teach middle school for the rest of my life. it actually wasn't that bad i just couldn't take my eyes off the class while they were doing their work. i had forgotten how sneaky and deceptive (some) middle schoolers can be but i made it! my classes all day were also the quietest on the hallway. my preschool training did pay off ;-).
  • i'm subbing again tomorrow and wednesday but this time for 6th grade language arts. i'm a little more nervous because i just received the call about an hour ago and i have no idea what the lesson plans are, what the teacher's schedule is, or if she has any afterschool duty. so, tomorrow morning i'll be winging it with the 6th graders. apparently i'm always up for an adventure.
  • j and i are definitely learning a lot from financial peace university. dave ramsey doesn't play around, that's for sure! we're working on developing our gazelle intensity toward our budget, debt, etc. and our goal is to ultimately honor the Lord with everything--especially our finances. i'm excited about the challenge because i know in the end it will be well worth it.
  • speaking of dave ramsey, j and i had completed baby step #1 (establishing your emergency fund) and it came in handy today when my car needed a significant repair. dave's right when he says that we all know these types of expenses will happen (we just don't know when) so it's best to be prepared for them so that you don't have a car crisis AND a financial crisis. i'm a fan of the emergency fund, i can tell you that ;-)
  • please continue praying for my cousin's husband, kevin. he is currently going through chemo treatments and had another ct scan this evening. please pray that the chemo is doing it's job and killing this tumor and the leukemia. you can visit his caringbridge site here.
  • i've not been a fan of dancing with the stars up to this point but the cast this season seems like they may be a bit of a train wreck so i'm considering watching just to see what happens (although, hubs does not know about this plan...he may object ;-).
  • yesterday my birthday was officially 2 months away (so now it's 1 month and 30 days case you were curious). i'm not excited or anything ;-). i already know what hubs' gift to me is going to be and i'm super excited--we're going to see the chapman family (steven curtis, mary beth, will, and caleb) in concert. i recently read mary beth's book and it is simply ah-mazing. if you haven't read it, you's worth it.
  • i did laundry most of the day today. how in the world can two people have so much laundry?! yeah, i haven't been able to figure it out yet, either. if you do figure it out, i'd love to know the answer!

well, since tonight is a school night, i should probably go pack my lunch and get ready for bed. i'm hoping for a funny story to share from my 6th grade subbing adventure.

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