Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lessons i learned in middle school

today as i made the morning drive to the middle school (the 30+ minute commute--depending on traffic) i listened to elevation worship's new cd, kingdom come, (which is incredible, by the way) and the lyrics to a few of the songs really resonated within my heart...

...Give me faith to trust what You say
That You’re good, and Your love is great
I’m broken inside, I give You my life

I may be weak, but Your spirit is strong in me
My flesh may fail, but my God You never will...
(Give Me Faith by Elevation Worship)
middle school isn't exactly what i would call my comfort zone...in fact, it's pretty far from anything i consider comfortable. give me a class of preschoolers or younger elementary age students? perfect! i would, in fact, absolutely love it. but middle school...really...for the second week in a row? i spewed all of these thoughts (and more) to the Lord this morning on my drive. thankfully, He didn't tell me to suck it up and deal but He was gracious enough to speak to me through the lyrics of the song above (those are just a portion of the lyrics). you see, as i laid bare all of my worries, fears, and uncomfortableness before Him this morning, i felt a prodding to ask Him to give me faith...to trust Him and allow Him to work. and then...(oh yes, there's more!)

This city, Lord, it is Yours
This city, Lord, it is Yours

So break our hearts
Break our hearts for the people who are far from You
Break our hearts

Teach us to love the way You love us
Send us out, send out us out
Pour out Your fire and flow through our lives
Send us out, send us out

This city, Lord, it is Yours
This city, Lord, it is Yours
(This City Is Yours, Elevation Worship)

i truly felt the Lord prompting me to make the most of my time with these middle schoolers and to see it as my ministry for today. the song, this city is Yours, (a portion of the lyrics above) started playing and it clicked. i asked the Lord to break my heart for the students i would encounter today. the ones who would be super needy/screaming for attention, the ones who are disrespectful and really don't care what i say (there are a few of those), the ones who so clearly just want to please someone and would do anything for some affirmation, and the ones who seem as though they have it all together.

my prayer, now as i'm sitting at home pretty worn out from my day, is that i made the most of every opportunity to love those 6th graders and that He will give me more opportunities tomorrow.

break my heart, Lord, for the students who are far from You. teach me to love the way You love, pour out your fire and flow through my life. break my heart, Lord...break my heart.

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