Friday, September 24, 2010

show us your home: master bedroom

i had so much fun last week visiting new blogs and seeing everyone's living rooms. i really love decorating and i love getting new ideas to file away for future decorating opportunities :-). today kelly's korner show us your home is highlighting master bedrooms. yay!

our master bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house just because i think it's so warm and inviting. i've always heard that your master bedroom should be a place where you can relax (obviously) and just be a little retreat in your home. since our home is on the market, we've "de-cluttered" our bedside tables, dressers, and chest but if we weren't on the market, these are the books you'd see stacked on our bedside tables. my side: lies women believe and the truth that sets them free, adopted for life, sun stand still, radical, respectable sins, and something borrowed. hubs' side: you'd see his kindle which is loaded full of some fun and some serious books (as well as a couple of my own ;-). i'm also going to include the picture of the jewelry box hubs made for me our first married christmas. yes, when you see it you will be astounded because it is absolutely beautiful and amazing. the more amazing thing about the gift? when he gave it to me he said that he wanted to give me this jewelry box that will hold my "treasures" so that i will always remember that i am his treasure. see? absolutely precious.

we did leave a few things on our bedside tables, though. hubs has a pic of us on our honeymoon enjoying the luau on the island of kauai on his table. the frame is a hand-carved frame we bought in kauai. it's gorgeous. i have a willow tree figurine of a husband and wife hugging (my mother-in-law gave it to me for our first married christmas) and i absolutely love it. i also have a book my parents gave me right before hubs and i were married that has the lyrics to the song my daddy and i danced to at my wedding. it's beautiful and if i ever open it to read it, i always cry. i means so much to me!
i know kelly is going to do a specific post for bathrooms but i really love our master bath and how it seems to flow so well with our bedroom. so, i'm breaking the rules and including it today. i'm such a rebel! ;-)

i don't remember what is next on the home tour for next week but i'm sure it will be great and a lot of fun!

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Christina, Ben & Adriel said...

why are you selling this house again?!?! i love it...can i live there?!?