Monday, March 28, 2011

long time no blog

so it's been another month or so since i blogged again and i'm beginning to hate having to start posts with this sentence (not to mention, i'm sure it's poor form ;). i haven't given up on blogging it's just that all the ideas for posts in my head have never made it through my fingertips to the blog. today, i'm turning over a new leaf. here's the thing...i really enjoy writing (blogging) but often times i edit myself and talk myself out of posting. i don't mean that i have to edit myself because i'm going to blog about something offensive but i second guess myself as to whether or not i should write about that or if anyone even wants to read about this. no more. no more editing. i mean, the blog is entitled all about the alleys so clearly i should feel the freedom (with discretion, of course ;) to write about whatever i'd like since i am, you know, one of the alleys. so to catch you up on life with the alleys here's a snapshot into what's going on with us (in list form, of course).

  • i feel like i've been sick 4,837 times this winter. seriously. most recently i endured (and i'm not trying to be dramatic--it was horrible) strep throat. i'm pretty sure the antibiotic kicked the strep germs out of the party but some part of whatever i had last week is still holding on and i don't know what is up with my immune system but i'm putting it on notice that it better GET IN GEAR. i don't usually type in ALL CAPS but desperate times call for desperate measures. i'm heading to walmart as soon as possible to buy every vitamin they possibly sell.

  • things at work are going well for hubs. he's so smart...he seriously amazes me and he's so good at his job. the man also has the patience of job to deal with some of the issues and customers that he does. i try to remind him everyday that he's a rockstar because he totally is ;).

  • my best friend in the world is moving to lima, peru. i know. i can't even believe i had it in me to type that sentence. i tend to deal with things like scarlett o'hara...i'll think about that tomorrow so seeing it in black and white on the computer screen is tough. don't get me wrong, i'm super excited for her. God has given her the opportunity to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams of becoming a missionary. the situation could not be more perfect for her and the way everything unfolded was clearly from the Lord. you can follow her during this exciting new chapter in her life by reading her blog.

  • in other non-important news, i am loving the new (well, fairly new) gel nailpolish by opi. i love that it's just nail polish on my real nails that doesn't chip. i'm totally hooked.

  • i've been teaching preschool choir at our church on wednesday nights and those short 30 minutes of my week, every week, never disappoint me. they are a hilarious group of kiddos who can be quite rambunctious when they want to be...well, they pretty much are quite the handful every week but i love it. we're working on learning 3 songs and a memory verse for the children's choir night of worship in may. our memory verse is in the book of deuteronomy. yes, was i even thinking when i picked a verse in deuteronomy? we have the verse completely memorized but are now spending time learning how to say, "deuteronomy." either way, they'll be cute as they can be on the stage...deuteronomy or not.

  • like the new look to the blog? if you're reading through email or a reader, you'll have to hop over to the actual blog to see it. i loooove it. i wanted a fresh, new look for the new leaf i'm turning over. danielle moss did a great job. this was one of her "pre-made" templates and i couldn't love it anymore if she had designed it specifically for us!

i'll be back tomorrow or the day after (new leaf, remember?) with more exciting news or insights from the alleys.


Melissa said...

YAY! LOVE the new blog look and I am TOTALLY going to check out the new nail polish! It's new to me too! I am so sorry you've been so sick. I am right there with ya though! Think it's those little petridish of preschoolers that are making us so ill?!?
Love you and I love to read all about the Alleys! Bring it!

Emily said...

Amy - I'm with you on the being sick some 4,000 this year... So have my kids and I. It's ridiculous and I'm SO OVER IT! Hope you are feeling better soon!