Wednesday, June 20, 2007

He is in the middle of it all

you know what amazes me about living the Christian life and about the God we serve? He is in the middle of it all. His hand is in the middle of the joyful times, frustrating times, lonely times, sad times, chaotic times, calm times, ecstatic times...He's in the middle of all of it. i am so thankful that i have the opportunity to walk through this life knowing and loving Jesus; i am so thankful that while i don't always understand, i know i can trust. i can trust in Him...His attributes and His character. i can trust in who the Word says He is and i can trust in who i know Him to be.

we're smack in the middle of vbs week here at the grove and it's going well (praise the Lord!). my favorite part of vbs is our little worship rally we do with the preschoolers at the end of the night. it's so fun to watch them jump in and just sing their little hearts out and LOVE being silly and crazy. tonight, i'm gonna jump right in there with them and praise Him for who HE is.

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