Thursday, November 1, 2007

happy november!!

okay, so i know i said that i was going to let the blog die but all of a sudden today i decided to post again. i know, i know...i'm such a fickle girl :). at least i can admit it and i'm okay with it.
i'm super excited that it's finally november for many reasons...i love the thanksgiving/christmas holiday season, november begins the birthday celebration extravaganza for my family, and last but not least, my birthday is in november. i'm not ashamed to admit that i love my birthday; i don't love it because of the gifts or anything, i just really love my day, that's all. (and for the record, i LOVE celebrating the birthdays of my family and, it's really not all about me. i just think it's fun to celebrate people.) you know, thinking about how much i love my birthday reminds me of something i did when i was a little girl. when i was 5 yrs old, i was in mrs. kay's sunday school class at church and apparently, one sunday in JULY i decided to lie and tell mrs. kay that it was my birthday all because i wanted the entire sunday school class to sing to me. the plan seemed foolproof to me until my mom came to pick me up and mrs. kay wished me a happy birthday and said she hoped i enjoyed my birthday cake. i still remember feeling sick to my stomach because i knew i had just been caught; needless to say, i spent that sunday afternoon in my room (and was forced to apologize to mrs. kay for lying to her...and IN CHURCH, no less. not that there's ever a good time or place to lie but seriously. i lied to my sunday school teacher in church and i was only 5 yrs old. i'm happy to report that i have since repented of my sins and no longer make it a habit of lying...especially in church to my sunday school teachers ;).
anyway, back to the happiness that is the month of november. my niece, anna, will celebrate her 7th birthday this weekend (her bday is the 5th) and my mom celebrates her birthday on the 7th. we love us some celebrations in my family, oh yes, we do. so, happy birthday to anna, mom, and to me. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go ahead and tell you happy birthday now, because you know I am terrible about remembering until after the fact. So, happy birthday, a few (okay several) days early! Love you!

Jennisa said...

Hey you! Just thought I'd come over and see the bloggie in action! Hope you're LOVIN' it!!!