Saturday, July 4, 2009

if only i had something exciting to share

life has been pleasantly quiet for us in the last week or so and it couldn't have come at a better time! considering the first part of the summer (june) is spent prepping for and executing vbs (aka...the BIGGEST children's event of the year) the second part (july) is spent recovering from the first :). (we're not even going to discuss august right now which for me = sunday school promotion and that's enough to make me break out in a, moving on ;). blog reader warning: i just want you to keep your expectations in check for this post...i don't want you to be disappointed from the lack of excitement or well, substance.

i mentioned in the last post that we were visiting a resort/spa in our area as a nice little getaway AND it just happened to fall on our two year dating anniversary (yes, we still remember the was only two years ago ;). we stayed at the ballantyne hotel and truly had the best time. i think that i had the best massage i've ever had in my life (oh. my. word). they incorporated hot stones and a scalp treatment into the massage and i truly couldn't even stand up once she was finished (btw--apparently, if you have longish, curly hair a scalp treatment can make you look like the bride of frankenstein which is not recommended when you have to then walk around this fancy, shmancy hotel to get back to your room. i'm just wasn't my hair's finest hour but i was so relaxed i didn't care...well, maybe i did a little ;). that little 24 hour trip was just the best...we rested, we relaxed, we had some yummy food, an awesome massage, and really great conversation.

while we were gone, our little paisley, got to host a fun sleepover with my best friend, marissa. she graciously agreed to come stay at our house with our spunky little schnoodle and ris reported back that they had the best time, too. unfortunately, i forgot to pack the camera, so we have no pictures of our little 24 hour vacay. :(

the rest of our week has consisted of working, spending time with family, spending time at the pool, going to movies, playing outside, and the pool (did i mention the pool? we are LOVING our neighborhood pool this year!;). again, no pictures...such a tragedy, i know.

if you're still awake at the end of this completely boring and uninformative post, call us and we'll take you to dinner because you certainly deserve a little something for sticking with it this long.

hopefully, something exciting will happen between now and the next time i least i hope so for your sake. :) until then, we'll try to keep the mediocrity to a minimum.


Emily Nixon said...

Amy - with the way you started that post, I thought you were going to say you were pregnant!

the alleys said... actually is a boring post, after all :). have seen pics of your rachel on facebook and she is beautiful!!

Melissa said...

Life gets in the way of excitement sometimes. It's ok. :) Actually, it's fun to hear about what others are doing when my life consists of days that are less than exciting too! SO! Thanks for the entertainment!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh how i would love to go to dinner with you! miss you my friend!