Saturday, August 8, 2009

show us your reception and honeymoon

i decided to join in on kelly's blog carnival again this week (a few days late...). i had fun looking back through old pictures and reliving the reception through the video!

the reception:
our wedding reception was absolutely beautiful and magical. we had it at the schiele museum in gastonia and had the best time. we have loads of pictures but i thought posting the video of our reception would be best. enjoy!

the honeymoon:
we had an amazing honeymoon. we spent 4 days in new york city and then flew home to switch suitcases and then spent a week in hawaii. so that we would have the opportunity to see the island, we cruised around the islands with norwegian cruise line. we had an unbelievable 3 room suite with a hot tub on our balcony. we visited islands during the day and cruised at night.

our hotel...the westin at times square

smiling for a picture at times square

carriage ride in central park

macy's and the empire state building

joel surprised me with tickets to wicked...amazing seats. we had the best time!

us in front of the tree at rockefeller center

gorgeous picture, i took several tries before everything lined up just right

we stayed here in waikiki the first night in hawaii before boarding our ship

the view from our balcony...that's waikiki beach and diamond head

our ship: the pride of america

maui tropical plantation

rainbow falls in hilo

the shoreline at puna...absolutely gorgeous

being cheesy at the much fun!

we really enjoyed our time at the north shore on our last day on the islands


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Anonymous said...

what a FANTASTIC wedding reception and pics of the honeymoon!!! You are gorgeous and your smile just exudes happiness! thank you so much for sharing!!